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Audience. Context. Purpose.

Throughout my career, whether teaching middle school students communication and writing strategies or designing and testing content for e-learning tools, these three words--audience, context, and purpose--have been my north star. 

I began my professional career as a teacher, and along the way never said no to new experiences that gave me the opportunity to work on teams and design for a range of audiences. In fact, a pivotal moment for me was saying "yes!" to an opportunity to work for a cross-functional team to innovate and improve an online learning tool, "ECoach." ECoach is now used around the world!


In any setting I find myself in, whether it's a classroom, a non-profit, or in industry, it is crucial to remember the stakeholders [read: humans] I am supporting and working with, the contextual factors informing the needs of my audience and the use of a product. We always keep our sights purpose of the project we are researching, designing, and facilitating. 

Seeking opportunities to do deep research and make complex things simple gives me energy. Keeping my north star in front of me, I use my expertise, while also leaning on the expertise of others through collaboration. Working towards a shared purpose allows us to achieve innovative outcomes. For more details on recent collaborations, check out my projects here.

When I'm not at work...

You can find me running around with Jet the wonder dog (pictured here), cross-country skiing in the winter, fine-tuning my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, or hiking in the Michigan woods with my husband. 

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